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Best 2022 Graduation Speech, by Jakob Cabaleiro: "What do I know?"

This year's best graduation speech is by 4 ESO B student Jakob Cabaleiro who has not only written a brilliant commencement address, but he has delivered it in style and grace, and with excellent pronunciation, intonation and stance, and with remarkable composure, serenity and good spirit. Congratulations!

As usual, this student is the chosen one to speak on behalf of their 4 ESO classmates at the graduation ceremony to be held at 1 pm on Wednesday 22nd June.

Good afternoon, everybody!

Thank you very much for attending this ceremony. I’ve practiced this speech in class and at home, but… gosh, it’s just not the same with all you here. And, I mean, why shouldn’t it? Today’s the day! Today’s the fricking day! Now, where was I? Right. I hadn’t even started yet. So, what I was about to say is that… I don’t know. I may have thought I knew when I wrote this, or when I practised it… I may even think I know it right now. But the truth is that I don’t. In a few minutes, days, weeks, months or years, I’ll look back at this speech and think: “what the hell was I saying there?” Let me explain:

You’ve probably heard the stories of kids who wanted to be cowboys, astronauts or aristocrats, later football stars, firefighters or aristocrats, and now scientists, teachers or, you guessed it, cryptobros. You can see a gradual change from cool to normal, except for the ones who just want to be rich and do nothing. Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool, but not very realistic, and… I’m drifting away again. So, for me, it was a bit different.

First, I wanted to be on the telly, then I wanted to be a sports journalist, after that, I wanted to write about movies, and now I want to make movies. You can see that change there too, just into another direction. Instead of going from the most to the least cool, it goes from the most to the least rich. The funny thing, however, is that, back when I still wanted to just be on the telly, I was asked if I ever wanted to make movies. And my answer was: “Of course not, why would I?” But what did I know back then?

Looking back now at that chain of desires, you can see a thread uniting all of my ideas. The thing is: I’ve always loved stories. And even though I also liked to tell them, I preferred hearing them. And even so, it wasn’t one of my main hobbies. Audiobooks were rare, books were acceptable, movies were okay, and comic books just existed. That changed in 2016, when I was invited to the cinema for someone’s birthday. I’m sorry I don’t remember whose it was, but I think it was Beltrán’s or Victor’s. One of the
two invited me to his birthday and the other one spent the entire movie answering my questions about who that guy was, or that other one. The movie, I remember. Captain America: Civil War made me love a movies like never before. It’s not a perfect movie, but at that time it was a lot better than other movies I’d watched at the cinema, say Mall Cop 2 or the Annie remake. Additionally, it made me want to know more about the characters I’d seen. That’s how I got into superhero movies, which eventually led me to the entirety of cinema.

But these superhero movies also had another effect on me. I started comparing my choices with those these characters would take. And, since then, this moral compass is something I’m deeply grateful for.
And all these superheroes go back to Superman, the ultimate archetype. So one could say that the ones responsible for how I am right now are, besides Víctor and Beltrán, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the creators of the Big Blue.

But that’s of course not everything. It’s impossible to get through sixteen  years of life without any help whatsoever. That’s why I’d like to thank my mum, my dad and especially my brother for always trying to answer my ridiculous questions. Then I would also like to thank my friends. The… the seven of them. They know who they are. Also, my teachers, all of them. That’s too many to name one by one, and I’d probably forget some, so I’m only going to highlight Lorena, the first teacher I had in my entire life, and Cándido, who still was teaching us with all his energy less than a year before his passing. Additionally, saying that my classmates were of no importance would be a lie, so thank YOU too. And congratulations for graduating (if you did) and have a nice end-of-year trip (if you’re coming).

Wow, graduation. Saying the word out loud and knowing it’s the day, knowing it’s your turn… makes you feel all grown-up. But, considering thaI will spend the next years of my life studying and learning even more, I see that I’m really not that grown-up. I think I’ve learned stuff in these thirteen
years here, but what do I know? Nothing.

Well, actually, there’s one thing that I DO know. I know for a fact that we have some nice drinks and desserts here, so please enjoy them, now that I’m done. Or am I? What do I know? I think I am. That’s all, folks!

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Friday, April 29, 2022

May the 4th 2022

Star Wars Day is an informal commemorative day observed annually on May 4 to celebrate George Lucas' Star Wars media franchise. Observance of the day spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations since the franchise began in 1977.

The date originated from the pun "May the Fourth be with you", a variant of the popular Star Wars catchphrase "May the Force be with you". Even though the holiday was not created or declared by Lucasfilm, many Star Wars fans across the world have chosen to celebrate the holiday. It has since been embraced by Lucasfilm and parent company Disney as an annual celebration of Star Wars.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

April Fools' Day 2022

April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day is a day celebrated in many countries on April 1st. The day is named for the custom of playing practical jokes and hoaxes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies, and neighbours, or sending them on a fool's errand, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible. Traditionally, in some countries, such as the UK, Australia and South Africa the jokes only last until noon, and someone who plays a trick after noon is called an "April Fool". Elsewhere, such as in Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, and the U.S., the jokes last all day.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Daylight Saving Time 2022

Daylight saving time (DST)—also summer time in several countries, in British English, and European official terminology—is the practice of advancing clocks so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn.

When DST starts in central Europe, clocks advance from 02:00 CET to 03:00 CEST.  

Though mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, the modern idea of daylight saving was first proposed in 1895 by and it was first implemented during the First World War. Many countries have used it at various times since then.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

St. Patrick's Day 2022

St. Patrick's Day is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around 17th March. It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland's patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. 

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, especially by Irish communities and organizations. Many people wear an item of green clothing on the day. Parties featuring Irish food and drinks that are dyed in green food colour are part of this celebration.

It is a time when children can indulge in sweets and adults can enjoy a "pint" of beer at a local pub. Many restaurants and pubs offer Irish food or drink.

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Graduation Speech: ESO 4 2021-22 3rd Term PBL Assignment

ESO 4 Students,

This is your PBL assignment for the 3rd term. All of you have to WRITE and DELIVER your GRADUATION SPEECH.  You have to imagine you are going to stand in the school Assembly Hall before your teachers, classmates, parents and guests at your ESO graduation ceremony (to be held, if COVID-19 protective measures permit it, on a date yet to be determined) and deliver your speech, which must be at least 350 WORDS LONG.

The best student will be offered the chance to deliver his or her speech at your graduation ceremony... in English!! Of course, he or she will get extra points in the final mark for that effort.

Friday, March 11, 2022

14th March: International Day of Mathematics 2022

The International Day of Mathematics (IDM), a project led by the International Mathematical Union, is a worldwide celebration. Each year on 14th March (14-3: Pi Day) all countries will be invited to participate through activities for both students and the general public in schools, museums, libraries and other spaces.

The theme for 2022 is Mathematics for a Better World.

As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, mathematics provides its models and tools to help us understand, monitor, and control the spread of the virus. It is also used to create weather forecasts and prepare for natural disasters. It warns us of climate change and helps us to anticipate and mitigate its consequences.

Mathematics is central to the efficient organization of societies for the benefit of all citizens. It optimizes transportation and communication networks and enables smart planning and management of health, economic, and social systems. Science and mathematics have a crucial role in steering decisions to promote peace and social justice.

As a common language to the planet, mathematics is an essential part of humankind’s cultural heritage. It is present in arts, music, and games, for human enjoyment and well-being.

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