Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best students - 2010/11 3rd Term


Our best students of English during the 3rd Term have been:

1 ESO A - Antía Junqueira Leis (8.8)
1 ESO B - Santiago Pascual (8.1)
2 ESO A - Jorge Amoedo Reyero (8.1)
2 ESO B - Candela Rguez. Bernárdez (9)
3 ESO A - Iago Borrago Rguez. (8.8)
3 ESO B - Miguel Romero Zapatero (9.5) Best ESO student of English during the 3rd Term!
4 ESO A - Lucía Oitabén Figueiras (9.2)
4 ESO B - Yale-Yalo Dong Liu (7.9)

Very often the students who get the highest grades are not the most talented ones, but those who try harder, show a positive attitude and have praiseworthy work ethics.


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