Monday, September 26, 2011

ESO 1 2011-12 Exam Schedule


ESO 1 Students,

This is your exam schedule for the 2011-12 schoolyear  (you can also find a calendar of exams, deadlines and other events at the bottom of this blog):

Please note that all exams and dates are subject to change

1st Term
Diagnostic Test
Wednesday 28th September
Listening 1
Wednesday 19th October
Unit 1
Thursday 20th October
Listening 2
Wednesday 9th November
Unit 2
Thursday 10th November
Listening 3
Wednesday 7th December
Unit 3
Friday 9th December
To be determined
End of Term test
To be confirmed

2nd Term
Listening 4
Wednesday 25th January
Unit 4
Thursday 26th January
Listening 5
Wednesday 15th February
Unit 5
Thursday 16th February
Listening 6
Wednesday 14th March
Unit 6
Thursday 15th March
To be determined
End of Term test
To be confirmed

3rd Term
Listening 7
Wednesday 18th April
Unit 7
Thursday 19th April
Listening 8
Wednesday 9th May
Unit 8
Thursday 10th May
Listening 9
Wednesday 6th June
Unit 9
Thursday 7th June
To be determined
Irregular Verbs
To be announced
End of Term test
To be confirmed
End of Year test
To be determined

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