Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ESO 2 1st Term PBL - Stop Bullying!

ESO 2 Students,

This is your 1st term PBL assignment. You have to translate this mind map into Spanish: 

(From www.michellenhenry.com)

You have two options:
  • Draw and paint the mind map in an A-4 sized sheet.
  • Download the image and edit it using SumoPaint, Gimp, Photoshop, Corel or any similar software and e-mail it to us (your files must be in the "jpg" format, and they must be identified in this way: "Name_Surname.jpg")

The deadline is Friday 18th November at precisely 23h 59' 59''. No answers will be admitted after that, but remember you can send your translations at any time before the deadline: there is no need to procrastinate and wait until the very last day. 

Enjoy your task. We are your sure you are going to learn a very valuable, useful lesson. Good luck!

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