Thursday, May 17, 2012

75 bands

Try and find 75 pop & rock bands in the following picture. You can leave a comment with the names of the bands you discover:

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  1. Queen , blind melón, Dead Kennedys, Seal,,Prince, Sex Pistols,Guns N’ Roses,White Zombie, 50 Cent, The Presidents Of The U.S.A., Led Zeppelin, Gorillaz, B-52's,Big Mountain, Deep Purple, Radiohead, The Police, The Cars, Garbage, Scissor Sisters, The Rolling Stones, Matchbox, Twenty, Nine Inch Nails, Kiss, White Snake, The Doors, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, Spoon, Alice In Chains, Blur, Black Flag, The Black Crowes, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Lemonheads, Jewel, Crowded House, Madonna, Pink, Hole, U2, Green Day,Eels , Hootie & The Blowfish, Men at work, Pixies, Korn, Twisted Sisters, Blondie, Petshop Boys, Iron Maiden, BeeGees, Pavement, The Streets, Scorpions

  2. I've found:
    -Rolling stones (on the road)
    -Guns'n Roses (at the right corner)
    -Zeppelin (in the sky)
    -Spoon (supported in the buiding)
    -Alice in Chains (dancing or soing some similar)
    -Greenday (in the timetable)
    -Cornershop (at the left corner)
    -Dead presidents (at the left)
    -Pink Floyd (walking in our direction)
    -The sex pistols (in the hand of who wear in blue)
    -Platinum blonde (in the balcony)

    -Garbage (on the road)
    -Great white (near the traffic lights)
    -Yellowman (on the cornershop)
    The eagles (flying)
    -The gorillas (behind buidings)
    -Radiohead (on the road)

    Please don´t think i´m a geek...

  3. Pity the jpeg has a poor quality even so
    it is a nice test.

    My suggestions:

    Led Zeppelin
    Blue Brothers
    Queen--> The best rock band ever!!!!!!
    The rolling stones
    White snake
    Gun 'n roses.

  4. Forgot before.

    Pet shop boys

  5. U2
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Scissor Sisters


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