Thursday, November 1, 2012

ESO 2 2012-13 1st Term PBL: My City

Fotos de Vigo
This photograph courtesy of TripAdvisor
ESO 2 Students,

This is your 2012-13 1st term PBL assignment.

You must PRINT/COPY THIS POST and BRING IT TO CLASS during the lessons on MONDAY 19th & WEDNESDAY 21st November. Before that, you must READ IT CAREFULLY AT HOME and try to understand as much as possible

At school, during those 2 lessons, you will work in 4 groups of students per class. Your task is to WRITE A COMPOSITION ABOUT VIGO as in a touristic leaflet. You can bring any dictionaries, books, guides or whatever material you consider necessary for those 2 sessions.

You must write AT LEAST 3 PARAGRAPHS including this information:

  • Paragraph 1: Location, population, languages
  • Paragraph 2: Places to visit, shopping areas, parks, food, festivals
  • Paragraph 3: Transport, weather
  • Include at least one image
  • You can find some clues and information on page 30 of your Student's Books.
Each group will write and/or print their composition and hand it to the teacher during the lesson on THURSDAY 22nd November.

And these are the groups:

GROUP_1_2A: Miguel Á. Alonso, Cristiane Amaral, Irene Antón, Joan Bueno, José Mª. Cabaco, Andrea Cobo, Lucas Corrêa.
GROUP_2_2A: Ana David, Judith de Becerra, Iago de Jesús, Irene de Sas, Adrián Díaz, Adnan El Hachimi, Azul Epstein.
GROUP_3_2A: Yoan A. Espinal, Ana Estévez, David Figueroa, Julián González, Paula González, Claudio López, Raúl Martín.
GROUP_4_2A: Ezequiel Moracho, Lucía Muñoz, Mario Navarro, Jhessyca Oliveira, Marcos Sotelo, Luciana B. Villarino, Diego X. da Silva.

GROUP_5_2B: Andrea Aguado, María Alonso, Patricia Arruti, Carla Ayán, Yolanda Caballero, Alfonso Carregal.
GROUP_6_2B: Isabela Cuesta, Daniel Domínguez, Pedro Gainzaraín, Nerea Guedella, Alberto Guerrero, Mateo Leiro, Ana P. Neves.
GROUP_7_2B: José M. Paredes, Lara Peleteiro, María Ponce, Brayan H. Prado, Alba Reguera, Uxía Ricoy, Antón Rodríguez.
GROUP_8_2B: Ana C. Ruibal, Irene Sánchez, Rafael Santoro, Rubén Souto, A. Cristina Táboas, Yaiza Terleiro.

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