Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dzień dobry, Koszalin


Ten ESO 3 and ESO 4 students were lucky enough to spend one week in Koszalin, Poland, from 9th to 16th February, in the context of the Comenius Project that CPR Labor has been running for ten years now.

Let’s have a brief look at what Alejandro, Alicia, Diego, Iago, Iria, Jennifer, Meres, Pedro, Rubén and Santiago were up to with teachers Manuel and Raquel:

Saturday 9th: Two Planes, One Bus and Four Hours Waiting
 The plane flying from Vigo to Paris was half an hour delayed, therefore, people at Charles de Gaulle airport only managed to ensure we arrived at our plane in time but were unable to bring our suitcases into the Paris-Berlin flight. Our luggage arrived in Berlin four hours later in the following plane, but students had a good time dancing for the airport staff…;)
Finally, we took our bus from Berlin to Poland and arrived in Koszalin at 2 a.m.

Sunday 10th: Day with the Family and Mielno’s Swimming Event
As there was not enough snow for a sledging cavalcade, Spanish students spent the day with their host Polish families. Some of us were lucky to be brought to the town of Mielno, where we could watch brave Polish people swimming in the Baltic Sea wearing only their swimsuits and some feet and head protection!

Monday 11th: Radio Station, Koszalin Sightseeing and Peugeot Showroom
Classes in Poland begin at 08.00, but what can be more fun than starting the day with an English ice-breaking activity devised by Dorota and conducted by Raquel?

After having a delicious lunch, students visited Koszalin Radio Station, where they had fun becoming radio announcers.

Later, Polish students gave really useful and interesting information about the historical buildings around the city of Koszalin.
In the evening, everyone had the opportunity of attending a Peugeot showroom, where amazing violinists and dancers entertained the audience together with tasty appetisers.

Tuesday 12th: Polytechnic University and Outdoors Museum.
After working in a Spanish-English-Polish conversation project at Gimnazjum nr 11, students and teachers visited the Polytechnic University in Koszalin. There some students took their first steps as TV presenters and camera operators. They also learned about the general functioning of a TV set and experienced being filmed in a weather forecast studio.

After a delicious Polish lunch in Jamneńska Restaurant, students visited an outdoors museum concerning the life of the local people in the old times.

As you would not doubt expect, fun continued at the school disco in the evening…;)

Wednesday 13: Experiencing Real Winter in Kołobrzeg
We took the train early in the morning to visit the city of Kolobrzeg. We were advised to wear warm clothes, as the city, situated right next to the Baltic Sea, was freezing cold for any Spaniard. We visited the port, pier, old part and the lighthouse of this snow-covered town, and had a nice and absolutely freezing tour on a boat along the sea ;)

Thursday 14th: Beautiful Gdánsk
Snow and ice started to melt and it was time to take a four hour train to the beautiful city of Gdánsk. There, we walked along the old town, visited the Maritime Culture Center (a fun and interactive museum) and the Solidarność Monument among others, including the biggest cathedral in the world made of brick. After a comforting lunch, we had some time for shopping before heading back to Koszalin.

Friday 15th: Last day in Paradise
Lovely Dorota devised a fun project for our students in the morning: designing their dream school uniforms, for both students and teachers!

But could we live the land of ice without an ice skating experience? Of course not!

After lunch, we were walked to the State Archive in Koszalin, where students could take in their hands unique copies of several Polish and German documents, as well as learning how people at the archive preserve and handle them. As a farewell, we could show our skills at the bowling center while tasting some yummy pizzas!

Saturday 16th: That’s All Folks
Why do all good things come to an end? Well, they do, and it was time for farewell. We said goodbye to our Polish friends early in the morning, waiting for them to come back soon… We are so looking forward to your coming to Spain!

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  1. Fantastic post, Raquel :) Thanks a lot for sharing the experience!

  2. Beautiful collage of photos at the top, by the way...


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