Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 ESO 4 Best Graduation Speech


ESO 4 Students,

Here is Alejandro Penín's graduation speech. It is the best speech in ESO 4 this year, not only because of its contents, wit. irony and good humour, but also because he delivered it with a fairly good pronunciation, rhythm and fluency and his stance, posture and eye-contact with the audience were remarkable. Congratulations, Alejandro! And you have earned yourself 2 extra points for volunteering to deliver your speech at the ESO 4 Graduation event to be held next June 21st.

Good afternoon, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, partners… even teachers. Thanks a lot for being here today.

I am supposed to tell you I am very excited about my future, thrilled about my new life ahead and all that stuff, but that would not be true. What reallly scares me is present, because I don´t like speaking in public. I have tried at home with my family, I have tried in front of my friends, I have even tried in front of a mirror; but I always feel embarrassed, so please excuse my babbling and stuttering.

Labor omnia vincit. On my very first day at this school I read these three words and asked my mum about their meaning. I´m not sure, she told me, but this is a bilingual school: that must be English.

From that day on, I have had unforgettable times. At this school I got my first soul mates, my first school trips (I love Poland), my first meals away from home, my first goals at playtime, my first beard hair, my first girlfriend… and the second one. There have also been some bad times and quarrels, but I have already forgotten them. Sometimes I have lived on the edge, wearing non-regulation socks while the Deputy Head patrolled the corridors.

During all these years at this school, partners and teachers have made me feel at home. I want to thank them all, and I would like to thank my parents too: they have made me feel at home… at home.

News says that the next years will be hard: no work, no hope. Life has become an old punk song: No future. But I can´t help looking at my classroom partners and seeing future lawyers, doctors, teachers, writers, even football players. It looks as if all of them had learnt somewhere that work conquers all. I myself am in doubt about trying to become a video game tester or a politician: hard work, anyway.

Remember that our time together has not finished yet. We will be together in our school trip where we will enjoy a lot of cultural activities: aquapark, roller coaster, rafting, potholing… Enjoy yourselves and be careful: remember your parents think you are still children.

Labor omnia vincit? It is not English. It must be French.
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