Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Are the Chances?


A BBC reporter unwittingly asked a former Liverpool goalkeeper for his memories from the derby game with Everton.

Stuart Flinders was asking people on the street in Liverpool if they remembered the 1967 match at Goodison Park. He was actually talking to Tommy Lawrence, who played in goal for Liverpool for over a decade, and appeared in that very game.

Please notice the sheer delight and pride on Mr Lawrence's face!


Now, what are the chances... of this?

Reporter — I just wondered whether you remembered the derby match in 1967 at Goodison, FA Cup 5th round, that was shown on a big screen at Anfield that same day.
Tommy Lawrence — That's right.
R — Remember it?
TL — I do. I played in it!
R —Did you?
TL — I was goalkeeper for Liverpool.
R — Really.
TL — Yeah!
R — Well, that's extraordinary, lovely meeting you!
TL — Yeah.
R — Sorry, can you remind me of your name?
TL — Tommy Lawrence.
R — Tommy, nice to meet you. What do you remember about it?
TL — A great game, yeah. Alan Ball scored the winner.
R — Good, indeed!
TL — Yeah, indeed, yeah!

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