Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Best Graduation Speech, by Mariña Allende

ESO 4 Students,

We give you this year's best graduation speech, by Mariña Allende. Mariña's speech has been chosen not only for its magnificent, deep contents, but because of the brilliant way she delivered it in front of her classmates.

Mariña will be delivering her speech again at your graduation ceremony to be held next Tuesday 21st at 13.00 in our brand new sports and assembly hall.

Good afternoon classmates, teachers, families,
Today is the day. Today we are going to say goodbye to this school. I remember my first day here as if it was yesterday. New city, new school, new people, new world. I was only eight years old, and now, I am sixteen. How fast! At that time, I was braver. I could make friends and I could find my place easily. It is simple: my place, my home, is where people I love are. This school has been a
great home.

I think remembering the school should be like remembering a person: in their beautiful moments. Because memories are made of people and of the moments they give us. That is why I am grateful to this school: it has allowed me to meet amazing and wonderful people who have built my memories and have made me the way I am. Thank you everybody.

Before, I said that I was braver when I was a child. I had doubts for a long time. I thought that I was not good enough. I thought that I was not good enough to do this or to do that; that I was not good enough to be an artist. Should I choose a different way? Should I do a degree with better career prospects? I hear it everywhere. So ridiculous!

Now, I do not have any doubts. Now, I am sure. I am sure that I do not desire that for me. We only live once, so we have to find our way. Let us walk our own way. We do not have to do what they expect from us, but what we expect from ourselves. Do not worry about the future. Future does not exist yet. Live your lives as you wish. We are the owners of our lives, and nobody can change that. Go on, enjoy yourselves and do not fear, because tomorrow is tomorrow. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Time goes only in one direction. If we think about future every second, we will miss present. And present is a present. Stop saying “maybe I…”

We must do those things we think that we cannot do. Make them possible. It is not only about studying, it is about life. Try to make our dreams come true. Fight for them. Never give up. Work hard. Continue working hard. And, someday, we shall not dream. We shall get it.

Thank you again, classmates and teachers, for your friendship, affection and time. I hope we will have an unforgettable school trip, plenty of laughs, smiles and funny moments.

I wish you all the best. So long.

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