Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Why language classes usually don't work, but can", by Ich estudio langues

Ich estudio langues is a very interesting blog about languages and language learning. Last January 27th they posted "Why language classes usually don't work, but can". This is a passage which may help you not only for your English lessons, but also for your lives as students:

Why language classes usually don’t work:
- If you have the wrong attitude towards language classes, they will not help you very much. The wrong attitude is expecting to learn a language in a classroom. If you expect the teacher to teach you the language in the time that you are in the four walls of your classroom and put no effort in on your own, then you will not learn the language. Well, you may very well learn the language eventually, but by that time you may have already invested years of your time and thousands of dollars worth of your money to go from beginner to advanced, when you could have learned the language a lot faster and therefore saved money if you had put in some decent effort on your own outside of the classroom.

- Most people who go to language classes don’t do their homework. Homework is an extremely important part of taking language classes, and even more important than homework is reviewing. You must review what you learned that day. Re-read the texts that you worked on in class, write down new vocabulary and make flash cards, review those flash cards… Yes it may be a lot of work, but if you don’t do it your money that you invested in the class will be wasted because you will not be reinforcing what you paid for to learn.
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