Thursday, March 11, 2010

4th ESO A 2nd term PBL: The Lottery Ticket

4th ESO A students Marina López, Paula Gil, Miguel Brenlla, Luis García and Andrea Fernández have chosen Anton Chekhov's story "The Lottery Ticket" for their 2nd term PBL. This is what they have sent us:

The Lottery Ticket, originally written by Anton Chekhov. Relate the story of a couple, Ivan and Masha Dmitritch, they hold what it could be a winning lottery ticket, but he resisted checking the numbers while they daydream about what they might do with the money. First the money idea it is fantastic, but then they started to argue about the things they could do with the money. Finally they saw the winning number and their ticket wasn’t the winner.

Author´s biography
David Guetta is a French Electro-House music DJ. He was born on 7th November 1967 in Paris, this DJ started working with Laurent Garnier in the gay nightclubs on fashion in the Parisian night (Broad and Central club). At the beginning of the 90´s he started to organize House parties in clubs dancefloor Folies Pigalle, Bataclan and Palace. Success is quickly. Guetta is fast businessman taking the artistic direction of "Bains-Douches" with his wife Cathy in 1994. Then he has played in Ibiza´s parties since 1996 and in their own festivities in 2002. The beginning of his fame started with the song Love do not let me go. Stay and The World Is Mine on Guetta Blaster (2004), are his others successes. In 2005, he won the title of the best DJ of the year in the House Music Awards. He returned in 2007 with the Pop Life album containing the single Love Is Gone and Baby When the Light, sang by the singer Chris Willis.

Why we chose this song?
Both of them speak about that the Money can destroyed people and what important can be it for them. Our story, The Lottery Ticket, tells us that the money doesn’t give the happiness but it gives problems. The characters of the story got ungry and they disagree about what to do with the money. The song tell that the character wants to get money, fame and jewellery at all costs and thinks the important it is the money lije in the story.

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  1. A good piece of work from you! It is a pity you have made a few spelling mistakes and you have not included the credits for the text... The song, the subtitling and the video are brilliant.
    You deserve 9 points!


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