Thursday, March 11, 2010

4th ESO A 2nd term PBL: The Rocking Horse Winner

4th ESO A students Andrea Arruti, Pedro Cuesta, Esteban Bernárdez and David Barcia have chosen D.H. Lawrence's story "The Rocking Horse Winner" for their 2nd term PBL. This is what they have sent us:

We choose this song because in the history, Hester first thought that the money was important but then she thought that the money wasn´t important. In the song first the money is important but then the money gaves problems:

Resume of the history: The rocking horse winner

This history is about a children, Paul Jennings that had a rocking horse. He lived with his family in a big house. They never had enough money to pay the debts. The father said to Paul that they weren´t had lucky but Paul said that he had a lot of lucky.

Paul always predict the results of the horses racings. He had a team with the gardener Bassett and they bet the money and wons a lot of it.

His uncle Oscar was interested in the horses racings and he discovered the bets of Bassett and Paul and he wanted joined to them.

Then they bet the money in the racings, but one day Paul didn’t know the winner and lost the money some weeks. Some days later he was ill with too much temperature.

One day he scaped and went to ride in the rocking horse and he knew the results of The Derbyand they bet the money and they won 80000 pounds . When he was good he gave the money to his mother but she didn’t want it because she thought that the money didn’t brings the happiness.

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  1. You have made a few serious grammar and spelling mistakes and you have not included any text about the song or the band. The connection between the song and your story is obvious, but, according to our instructions, you should have included it in your project.
    We honestly reckon 7 points is just enough.


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