Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Humour (but real): David after the dentist

Poor David has been to the dentist and now he is feeling funny...

This is the transcript:

David: Surgery...
Dad: Yeah, I know.How did it go?
David: I didn't feel anything.
Dad: Yeah...
David: Oooh, I feel funny.
Dad: It kinda felt good, didn't it?
David: Ooooh... Is, is this real life?
Dad: Yes, this is real life.
David: Okay now? Okay now? I have two fingers...
Dad: Good!
David: Now, four fingers.
Dad: Four fingers?
David: Nah, ah, ah!
Dad: Don't put that in. Don't put it in your mouth. Okay? You feel good?
David: I can't see anything.
Dad: Yes, you can. Stay in your seat.
David: [loud scream] I don't feel tired.
Dad: You don't?
David: Uh, uh.
Dad: No?
David: Do I have stitches?
Dad: Uh huh.
David: Do, do I have stitches? Dad: Yes.
David: On my teeth?
Dad: Yeah, Don't touch it...Don't!
David: Why can't I touch it?
Dad: Because it'll mess up the stitches...
David: You have four eyes.
Dad: Yeah...
David: I feel, I feel funny. Why is this happening to me?
Dad: It's okay, Bud. It's just from the medicine. Okay?
David: Is this going to be forever?
Dad: No [chuckle], no. It won't be forever.
David: Ach.
Dad: [laughing]

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