Thursday, August 19, 2010

Europa Press News Agency's Translation Mistake

Europa Press News Agency has distributed a piece of news to Spanish newspapers, radio stations and televisions containing a gross translation mistake in one of their headlines which has sparked Spanish F1 fans rage as as we can see at
Niki Lauda : "No hay nada que hacer con Alonso, no es como Michael Schumacher"

What the Austrian former driver had actually said, as published in was:
Question: So is Fernando Alonso following in Michael Schumacher's footsteps and taking a tight grip on Ferrari?
Niki Lauda: What they did in Hockenheim was against all rules. Either the rules are changed or everybody observes them. What they've done is wrong and they got an immediate punishment - and they will get a pasting from the FIA World Motor Sport Council, that is for sure. And that has nothing to do with Alonso. He's no Schumacher." 

The correct translation should have been:
Pregunta: ¿Fernando Alonso sigue los pasos de Michael Schumacher y está apretándole las tuercas a Ferrari?
Niki Lauda: Lo que hicieron en Hockenheim incumple todas las reglas. O cambian el reglamento o lo cumple todo el mundo. Lo que han hecho está mal y recibieron un castigo inmediatamente, y recibirán una tunda del Consejo Mundial de Automovilismo de la FIA, seguro. Y Alonso no tiene nada que ver con esto. Él no es como Schumacher."
Europa Press reporters do not know that "to have to do with" does not mean "no hay nada que hacer", but "no tener nada que ver".
So, you can see what a bad translation can lead to...

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