Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newsy: No Glasses Required - 3D TV Race Begins

Two television manufacturing juggernauts unveiled plans to release 3D televisions that don’t require glasses. But will this new technology catch on?
“Toshiba plans to come out with 3D TV's just like everyone else, except these TV’s will not require the pricey and silly active shutter glasses. The company created what they are calling an internal imaging system that sends out light rays at different angles and this allows your brain to process a 3D image.”(CNET)
The race is officially on for manufacturers. After Toshiba made it’s announcement – the very next day - Sony announced it too - was working on 3D TV’s that don’t require glasses. 
We are monitoring reaction to the news from CNET, Yomiuri, PC Pro, and Digital Spy
Japanese website Yomiuri first reported Toshiba’s plans and says that the launch should be right before Christmas: “Toshiba plans to introduce three models, including one with a 21-inch screen, and will sell them for several hundred thousand yen [or several thousand US dollars] … adding the TVs' release likely will coincide with the year-end shopping season.”
3D TVs that don’t require glasses have been around since 2008 but there was a catch. The viewer had to remain seated directly in the center of the room or the effect would be lost. A 3D cameraman for Sky News says if Toshiba backs up its promise, it could change everything – including the news: “There’s a truth to a 3D image that we will never get from 2D… especially if you look at news photography. When we photograph war in 2D, it’s interpretation; … it’s a filter. Once you present the same images in 3D there’s a very visceral response to it, very truthful and honest.” (PC Pro)
Innovation abound – but will consumers jump on board? So far, 3D TV sales have remained relatively flat as consumers are still catching up to HD TVs. According to a new study quoted in Digital Spy – that won’t change soon, at least not in Britain: “Only 2% of British consumers are planning to purchase a 3D-ready television set in the next 12 months … UK consumers were more interested in purchasing high definition television sets, 7% of whom are planning to do so in the next 12 months."
But what about you? Will you jump on the 3D bandwagon? Tell us what you think in our comments section.
Writer: Charles McKeague

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