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ESO 2, ESO 3 & ESO 4 - PBL -1st Term 2010-11 (Group Project)

ESO 2, ESO 3 & ESO 4 Students. Here is your PBL assignment for the 1st Term, a group project:

Guests staying at Pazo do Río, an old Galician manor house dating back to the 16th century located in Oleiros, A Coruña, find this card in their rooms (in the photograph the Spanish text has been substituted by question marks):

As you can see, between the German and the Italian versions, we can find the English translation:

"Please, pick up the room"

This sentence is grammatically correct, but it makes no sense at all, as a very serious translation mistake has been made. Your task is to guess what the original Spanish text said and to find the best possible translation into English.  Once you have found a good translation, you have to design a NEW, nice, original card for a door knob including your English translation (for this you have to use photo editor software such as Windows Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, Jasc PainShop Pro, etc.):

You have to send your answers in 2 attached files to labor.teacher@gmail.com:
  • File #1: a text file (such as Microsoft Word, Windows Write, etc.) but the extension MUST be ".rtf" and not ".doc" including what you think the original Spanish text said, the best possible translation into English and all the necessary comments and explanations.
  • File #2: your original design for a hotel room door-knob card in a ".jpg" or ".gif" file.
The  DEADLINE IS FRIDAY 12th NOVEMBER. Make sure you include your full names, your group, your number, and your class in your e-mail and your 2 attached files.

Remember you should use the K-W-L system:

What do I KNOW (about this topic)? (Hotels, bookings, rooms, etc.)
What do I WANT (=need) to know?
What have I LEARNT?

These are the groups:

GROUP 2A1: Íñigo Alcubierre, Lara Álvarez, Jorge Amoedo, Pablo Cámara and Adrián Castro.

GROUP 2A2: Serafín Davila, Isaac de Becerra, Nerea de Jesús, Zaida Domínguez and Juan Domínguez-Viguera.

GROUP 2A3: Samuel Fernández, Ana Fernández, Rebeca Fernández, Javier López and Sergio Martín.

GROUP 2A4: Pablo Martínez, Gabriel Martínez, Zulema Rodríguez, Rodrigo Rodríguez and Juan M. Vieira.

GROUP 2B1: Adrián Alonso, Alejandro Amoedo, Ánder Dieste, Carlota Fuentes and Guillermo García.

GROUP 2B2:  Irene Garrido, David Maceiras, Alejandro Penín, Edgar Pereira and Laura Pérez.

GROUP 2B3: Iria Rioboo, Candela Rodríguez, Omar Rouhou, Jesús Vieira and Jessica Vilaboa

GROUP 3A1: Inés Álvarez, José Mª. Álvarez, Tamara Bar, Pedro Bartolomé and Adrián Blanco.

GROUP 3A2: Inés Bolaño, Iago Borrajo, Paula Casal, María Casal and Martín Cid.

GROUP 3A3: Yasmina El Hachimi, Sol Epstein, Laura Fernández, Sarah García and Aaron Hernández.

GROUP 3A4: Carlos Maceiras, Amadeo Martí, Carlos Montaño, Evelyn Rodríguez and Claudia Suárez.

GROUP 3B1: Antía Bardelás, Lucía Ben, Jessica Davila, Mª Desiree Fernández and Laura Fernández.

GROUP 3B2: Fabio Gonçalves, Fernando Herrera, Carmen Oliveira, Arantxa Hierro and Estela Pascual.

GROUP 3B3: Lara Paz, Sarai Riveiro, Miguel Romero, Cecilia Saa and Josué Saavedra.

GROUP 3B4: Miguel Sotelo, Paula Suárez, Antía Suárez, Paula Varona and José Manuel Vázquez.

GROUP 4A1: Carlos Cabaco, Christian Collazo, Jesús Contreras and Belén González.

GROUP 4A2: Olga González, Arturo Juncal, Jorge Loira and Marcos López.

GROUP 4A3: Ana Mardeni, Marta Martínez, Joana Mayo and Lucía Oitabén.

GROUP 4A4: Alejandro Otero, Sara Pérez, Alberto Ponce and Paula Reguera

GROUP 4B1: Jennifer Ageitos, Borja Areal, David Barcia and Laura Barros.

GROUP 4B2: Marta Barros, Esteban Bernárdez, Guillermo Couso and Sara Delgado.

GROUP 4B3: Paloma Díaz, Yale-Yalo Dong Liu, Angélica Freiría and Alejandro Godar.

GROUP 4B4: Wenxue He, Marcos Martínez, Brigitte Montaño, Mercedes Sánchez and David Sanmartín.

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