Sunday, October 24, 2010

Graded Readers for the 1st Term (2010-11)

You MUST buy the books (they are inexpensive: only about 6€ each). Photocopying books is ILLEGAL. You must respect copyright law, writers and editors! Authors make a living from it and lose revenue when you photocopy: COPYING is STEALING!

...And if you borrow a book you are taking advantage of another student, who has spent his or her money on that book. Be honest and buy the books: This is certainly one of the best investments you will do in your lives as students. Don't forget that most of the textbooks you are using this schoolyear (and during the last few schoolyears) have been provided by the Education Authorities for free.

If you want to read and LISTEN to your books at the same time, at Burlington Books Student's Zone you can download the MP3 audio files.

ESO 1: A Secret Fear, by Celia Starr (Fiction) (ISBN 978-9963-47-104-1)
Joey's got a secret fear. He's afraid of the dark. It's not a childish fear of ghosts, but a real phobia about being alone in he dark. Joey thinks he's too old to have this fear and he's ashamed. Then Joey discovers that his friend has a phobia, too -- a fear of heights. Slowly Joey begins to realise that many people have got phobias and that he isn't alone. But can he overcome his fear, and how?

ESO 2: Jenny Abel and the Snisster Mystery, by Laurence Michaels (Adventure) (ISBN 978-9963-47-107-2)
Evil Dr Sinister wants to control the world, so he creates a magic computer program. Twelve-year-old Jenny Abel, a computer genius, gets it by mistake in an e-mail and is sucked into the Internet. Will she become Dr Snisster's victim? Or will she be able to stop the magic program in time and put an end to his evil plan?

ESO 3: Who Am I?, by Ramón Ybarra Rubio (Non-fiction) 
(ISBN 978-9963-617-17-3)
An original set of teen-mag-style tests and quizzes that will make your students smile, frown, but most of all, think. Each test examines another facet of the complex human personality with frankness and humour.

ESO 4: A Safari Mystery, by Micky Jenkins (Adventure) 
(ISBN 978-9963-47-511-7)
Julie O'Neil, 20, is on safari in Kenya, in the Msai Nature Reserve -- "The Land of the Elephants". But Julie is disappointed because she doesn't see any elephants. Where are they? Julie senses that something strange is happening and she's determined to solve the mistery. But someone else is equally determined to stop her. Soon, Julie is involved in a very dangerous adventure trying to protect the elephants.

These are the dates of your exams on the books:

ESO 1 - Wednesday 1st December 2010
ESO 2 - Monday 29th November 2010
ESO 3 - Monday 29th November 2010
ESO 4 - Monday 29th November 2010

No copyright infringement intended. For educational, non-commercial purposes only.

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