Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank a Teacher Today

Thank a Teacher Today:
I am who I am because I had a great teacher

Thank you, teachers. I am who I am because of you, great teachers:
Thank you, Asun (Primary).
Thank you, Elías (Primary).
Thank you, Pepa (English, Secondary).
Thank you, Ana (Latin, Secondary).
Thank you, Jacinto (Literature, Secondary).
Thank you, Luz (Maths, Secondary).
Thank you, Alfonso (English Secondary)
Thank you, Gustavo (Spanish, Secondary)
Thank you, Xesús (Literature, University)
Thank you, José Antonio (Linguistics, University)
Thank you, Neal (Interpreting, University).
I Thank you!!

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  1. And I, one of your students, want to tell you thank you also, because I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE I HAVE A GREAT TEACHER

    1. How nice or creep, how knows.

      English (Primary): El Richard. How do I love this man, and old fisherman that become a teacher and how good he was despite his raps
      on my head.
      English (Secondary): Malena
      Literature (Uni) : Carlos Gomez

    2. "Who knows" instead of "how knows"... Maybe "El Richard" didn't give you enough "raps", ;-)

    3. You are bloody right man
      How right some teachers of mine were when telling us:
      "Always read twice" : some mistakes can be easily detected.


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