Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"A Christmas Carol", by Charles Dickens

Click on links below to read and/or listen to 9 episodes of this classic X-mas story by Charles Dickens:

Episode 1: Marley's ghost    Listen to episode 1
Episode 2: Meeting with Marley   Listen to episode 2
Episode 3: The first of the three spirits    Listen to episode 3
Episode 4: Master Fezziwg    Listen to episode 4
Episode 5: The second of the three spirits    Listen to episode 5
Episode 6: Scrooge's nephew      Listen to episode 6
Episode 7: The last of the three spirits     Listen to episode 7
Episode 8: An end to the haunting     Listen to episode 8
Episode 9: The end of it...      Listen to episode 9

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