Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ESO 1 - 3rd Term PBL 2010-11

ESO 1 Students,

This is your last PBL of this schoolyear 2010-11. It is a group project in which you will be practising LISTENING and WRITING.  You have to listen carefully to what the narrator says and type it down accurately. You DO NOT have to TRANSLATE it into Spanish: your job is to write a TRANSCRIPTION in ENGLISH.

You have to start your transcriptions at 0:09, exactly after the narrator asks: 'Are you ready?'

Hello Friends,
Welcome to My name is Marcus and I'm going to describe my room. Well, are you ready?...

IMPORTANT: You must follow these formatting rules (the same as for the rest of school projects): The font must be 'Century Gothic', size 12; 1.5 line spacing, justified text, page numbers at the bottom centre of each page.

Only the PDF or DOC formats will be allowed. Your file must be identified using ONLY the name of your group (which you will find below).
For example, GROUP_1A_1.pdf or GROUP_1B_3.doc. Points will be deducted for poor formatting or if you do not identify your file properly.

When you have finished your project send it to

The DEADLINE is FRIDAY 27th MAY at 23.59.59.

These are the groups:

GROUP_1A_1: Diego Anido, Alexis Antón, Bárbara Hurtado, Fabio V. Moura, Adrián López, Sergio Gasamanes.
GROUP_1A_2: Antía Junqueira, Mireia Martí, Daniel Alcaide, Christian Martínez, Carlos Giráldez.
GROUP_1A_3: Meres Gómez, Jennifer Alonso, Jhessica Oliveira, Adrián García, Alexandre Graña.
GROUP_1A_4: Lara Collazo, Rosmery Camacho, José Mª. Cabaco, Iago Lopes, Joan Bueno.

GROUP_1B_1: Mario Quinteiro, Iago Pernas, José Manuel Paredes, Mauro Sinfreu, Brayan Prado.
GROUP_1B_2: Santiago Pascual, Samuel Torres, Alejandro Méndez, Alba Reguera, Rubén Roo.
GROUP_1B_3: Diego G. Pérez, Noelia Soto, Magnolia Córdova, Uxía Ricoy, Rubén Souto.
GROUP_1B_4: Alicia Val, Xoan C. Wallenius, Adrián Sánchez, Anabel Pagán.

Good Luck!

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