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ESO 4: 3rd Term PBL 2010-11


ESO 4 Students,

Here is your PBL assignment for the 3rd term, a group project in which you will be practising the listening and writing skills.

Your task is to TRANSCRIBE approximately 5 minutes of these four YouTube video clips:
You have to listen carefully to what the narrators say and type it down accurately. You DO NOT have to TRANSLATE it into Spanish: your job is to write a transcription in ENGLISH.

If there is something you don't understand (for example, a name or a scientific term) it is a good idea to type on  Google or on any other search engine the text placed immediately before and after the 'missing' word. Very often those search engines will return results including the information you need. And, who knows, you may get lucky and find all of your video transcribed! In that case, be careful: not all transcriptions are accurate and reliable: you will have to check and edit them. Points will be deducted not only for incorrect content, but also for poor spelling, punctuation and/or formatting.

IMPORTANT: You must follow the same formatting rules as for the rest of school projects: The font must be 'Century Gothic', size 12; 1.5 line spacing, justified text, page numbers at the bottom centre of each page.

Only the PDF format will be allowed. Your file must be identified using ONLY the name of your group (which you will find below). For example, GROUP_4A_1.pdf or GROUP_4B_3.pdf. Points will be deducted if you do not identify your file properly.

The DEADLINE is THURSDAY 12th MAY at 23.59.59.

The groups, which have been organised by you, and video assignments are as follows:

GROUP_4A_1: Video Clip #1 from the beginning to minute 4.45.
9. Ana G. Mardeni Coves
11. Joana Mayo Gandarío
12. Lucía Oitabén Figueiras
14. Sara Pérez Abraldes

GROUP_4A_2: Video Clip #1 from minute 4.45 until the end.
1. Carlos A. Cabaco Rodríguez
7. Jorge Loira Parente
8. Marcos López Lamas
15. Alberto Ponce Patiño

GROUP_4A_3: Video clip #2 from the beginning until minute 4.45.
4. Belén Glez. Muñoz
5. Olga Mª Glez. Rguez.
10. Marta Mtnez. Álvarez
16. Paula Reguera Ayán

GROUP_4A_4: Video clip #2 from minute 4.45 until the end.
2. Christian Collazo Román
3. Jesús Contreras Arias
6. Arturo Juncal Costas
13. Alejandro Otero Fdez.

GROUP_4B_1: Video clip #3 from the beginning to minute 4.43.
3. David Barcia Taboada
6. Esteban Bernárdez Troncoso
12. Alejandro Godar Calvar
14. Marcos Mtnez. Artime

GROUP_4B_2: Video clip #3 from minute 4.43 until the end.
4. Laura Barros Reguera
5. Marta Barros Reguera
7. Guillermo Couso Vidal
9. Paloma Díaz Gámez
16. Mercedes Schez. Vicente

GROUP_4B_3: Video clip #4 from the beginning until minute 4.35.
8. Sara Delgado Pérez
11. Angélica Freiría Rodríguez
13. Wenxue He
15. Brigitte A. Montaño González

GROUP_4B_4: Video clip #4 from minute 4.35 until the end.
1. Jennifer Ageitos Teira
2. Borja Areal Arias
10. Yale-Yalo Dong Liu
17. David Sanmartín Delgado

Good Luck!

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