Thursday, January 26, 2012

ESO 4 - 2nd Term PBL Task 2011-2012

ESO 4 Students,

Your grandfather has just been given a fantastic alarm clock for Christmas, but the instructions booklet is in English and he can't understand it. He has asked you for help because you have been studying English since you were 6 years old (at least!) He trusts you and your skills in English!

Your task is to translate the booklet into Spanish during the lessons on Monday 30th Jan, Tuesday 31st Jan, Friday 3rd Feb and Monday 6th Feb. Once your translation is finished you must forward it to our mail in PDF FORMAT. The file identification must be as follows:

GROUP_X.PDF (X = your group number)

The deadline is FRIDAY 10TH FEBRUARY at precisely 23.59.59.

And these are the groups:
Evelyn Rodríguez
Noa Fernández
Paula Varona
Miguel Sotelo
Saray Riveiro
Miguel Romero *

José Manuel Vázquez
Claudia Suárez
María Casal
Lucía Ben
Laura Fernández Mtnez.
Arantxa Hierro *

Yasmina El Hachimi
José Mª Álvarez
Paula Suárez
Inés Álvarez
Paula Casal *
Antía Bardelás *

Mª del Carmen Oliveira
Sol Epstein *
Jessica Davila
Carlos Maceiras
Mª Desireé Fernández *
Fernando Herrera *

Laura Fernández Míguez
Iago Borrajo
Inés Bolaño
Pedro Bartolomé
Cecilia Saa*
Antía Suárez *

Students marked with a star (*) will join their groups once they are back from their European Project trip.

Remember you must print this post and the 6 IMAGES below and bring it all to class on Monday 30th January (NB: print the images in a legible size, as it is you who will be doing the task...)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

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  1. Good it is in English and not in chinese.


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