Tuesday, January 31, 2012


ESO Students,

I am afraid it is time to say good-bye. This is my last post on Labor English Zone as I am resigning my position at Labor School in order to join Barcelona FC, where I am expected to make my debut this weekend.

I will miss you... I wish you all the very best.

Yours, ever

Labor Teacher

After weeks of speculation, the world and European champions held off a late bid from affluent Premier League side Manchester City, thought to be in the region of £95 million.

Barça boss Pep Guardiola has said he is delighted with his new signing and revealed that Labor Teacher could make the starting XI for Saturday's crucial clash with Málaga.

Guardiola told Sky Sports: "When you see potential in a player you have to act fast and this is a star who has an eye for goal, can pass with either foot and is comfortable in many positions. Besides, I won't be needing a translator any longer."

"People say it is a lot of money, but you cannot put a price on quality and our new signing has the potential to be one of the greatest."

He added: "Labor Teacher is in great condition and could be ready straight away to play against Málaga."

Labor School Headmaster, Javier Saborido, declared "I am appalled. Our loss will be their gain. We are certain no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to find a suitable replacement for this teacher and colleague. I would not be surprised if students and parents decided to start a strike in order to stop this unexpected move."

Barcelona (Saturday, 7pm Sky Sports HD4) could find themselves 10 points behind leaders Real Madrid after next weekend's fixtures as Jose Mourinho's men travel to Bilbao in the 7pm kick-off.  However, the most important game of the weekend will be at Balaídos Stadium, Vigo, between impressive, top-form RC Celta de Vigo and Murcia.

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  1. Delighted to have been your student

  2. ¿ENSERIO? Todo el mundo está flipando 0.o

  3. I shouldnt expect less from you!!!! Guardiala assistant!!!!

  4. Really?
    I hope that it is a joke...
    Please! You can´t leave us! We need you, because, i think, you are the best english teacher in the world!
    Ok, i know that is selfish ask you don´t leave us, but i cant believe it... i dont want believe it!
    We hope your answer, and your farewell in class
    Some students from ESO4

  5. is truth or an experiment to find out how faster that spreads a lie in the internet?
    if it is true I congratulate you, and if it isn´t true, i congratulate you twice.


  6. No quiero creer eso como ya han dicho ha sido el mejor profesor de inglés que he tenido, y ha sido un placer ser su alumna

  7. If it is true I regret reading this but I desire you the best.
    If it is a joke I thought that fool´s day was in April.

    An Eso 3ºB student father.

    1. Yes, you're 100% right, but I came across this funny piece of news... and I couldn't resist the temptation. And you know what? It worked! Lots of students read the post, watched & listened to the video and sent their messages... which is, after all, our goal, isn't it? We've kept them reading, listening, writing and thinking in English and having fun at the same time.

    2. I have to agree 100% with you or as this young people use to write: +1

  8. Aaaaaaaaargggg! are you crazy???
    you've given us a fright of death!!!!!!!
    because, you know, if you leave school it wuold be very blue...

    1. I agree with that.
      I always thought of laicism as a shield against
      narrow-mindedness and a wide path to progress.
      But reading some exercises about the bible and sodoma&gomorra (not precisely in religion), one wonders.......
      By the way may I be an objector to new subject to come instead of "cidadanía"?

      Same father

  9. HI teacher!
    Talking about FCB, today could be nice to post an article about Pep Guardiola and their work in the club, because, you know, today he announced he´s going to left Barça. Please! You would do happy your Culés students,because today is a sad, very sad day for the barcelonism.
    I add you a link with an article, if you want you can use it!

    Thanks you all
    One of your students.


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