Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Grandpa is Chicer than Yours


Spotted: designer Lu Ting with 72 year old Chinese grandfather Liu Xianping. This photograph could be one of the many pictures taken everyday in the bosom of any family, however, Lu’s grandfather has something special which has made him quite popular…

To everyone’s surprise, the tinny and skinny girl in the photos below is not a professional model, but Lu’s 72 year old grandpa, modeling with his granddaughter’s designs, belonging to the girl’s brand Yuekou.

Granddaughter and fashion designer Lu decided to start an e-retail website in May together with other four recent college graduates. Once she got a new shipment of clothing, she decided to try the garments on her grandpa and started shooting some photos.

Xianping poses in chic teen girl outfits, dresses, sweaters or coats, wearing wigs and big sunglasses in most shootings, with an undeniable talent for modeling. Despite his age, dressed up as a teen he totally gets the skinny looks many professional models seek for.

But what’s grandpa’s opinion? Although he received some criticism regarding an old male modeling female clothes, in his own words, “I have nothing to lose, I’m very old and all I care about is to be happy”. 
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