Sunday, January 6, 2013

Play Station


TBWA Advertising Agency along with Play Station have launched a new campaign to raise public awareness. In this occasion, parents are encouraged to spend more time playing with their kids through the TV spot and the campaign behind it.

The TV commercial includes a catchy song with the aim of keeping children away from the couch for them to enjoy playing in various places: “in the kitchen, on the floor, on the table, at the door...” Lyrics are good to revise basic grammar aspects such as prepositions... ;)

The idea is that fun and entertainment are not strictly linked to a screen: on the webpage, the company ironically tells parents and children not to spend time surfing the Net; conversely, they are encouraged to actually download and print materials to create tangible cardboard cut out pieces to create toys. An example of this are “bank of my time cheques”, virtual money exchangeable for shared time with mum and dad.

In any case, game suggestions given on the webpage are always related to Play Station videogame titles: we can sing “un elefante se balanceaba” during a car trip but practising with the “Sing Star” beforehand and the classic “Dodge ball game” is similar to the fights in “Street Fighter III”.

Here you can watch the full advertising campaign, unfortunately, only in Spanish...

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