Friday, October 18, 2013

ESO 3 & ESO 4 1st Term PBL

ESO 3 & ESO 4 Students,

This is your PBL assignment for the 2013-14 1st term. Your task is to translate and adapt this inspirational poster by artist Gavin Aung Than into the language of your choice: Spanish or Galician. 

You should translate EVERY WORD YOU SEE IN THE POSTER and create a new jpg or png file and send it to our mail. Keep the poster as it is: do not change the images. Just keep the same layout, fonts and colours as in the original, and substitute the English words with your Spanish or Galician version. The deadline is Sunday 24th November at precisely 23.59.59. No files will be admitted after the deadline ends.

Gavin Aung Than's favourite fonts are Creative Block and Red State Blue State.

Your file identification must be as follows: GROUPCOLOUR_CLASS.JPG or GROUPCOLOUR_CLASS.PNG. Example: RED_3A.PNG.

You must fill in the "subject" section of your mail messages with YOUR GROUP IDENTIFICATION and the word 'PBL'.

NB: Print this post and bring it to class next Monday 28th October.

No copyright infringement intended. For educational, non-commercial purposes only.

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