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2015 Best ESO 4 Graduation Speeches.


ESO 4 Students,

Here you are the two best 2015 graduation speeches, by Andrea Aguado and Andrea Cobo, so that you can get some ideas and inspiration. Enjoy both their contents and spirit.


Good afternoon everybody! 

Thanks to all of you for coming. Teachers, here we are again. Parents, hi, mum and dad! And classmates, you are the best.

Eight years ago in third grade primary, I never thought I would be here standing in front of you giving my graduation speech, but now it’s very exciting for me to be here.

First of all I have to say that public speaking is not my strong point – in fact, I don’t know what am I going to do with my loud, strong and deep voice – so please forgive me if I’m a bit nervous. 

Getting to the point, I’ll say: Life is short, isn’t it? I really think so because during my eight years at this school, things have changed a lot for us. I remember my friends and I during breaks eight years ago playing “tag” or “cops and robbers” or even making little meals such us our fantastic “spring rolls”. But now we sit in groups and criticise friends, teachers and each other. 

What do you think about it? Do you believe life is short? Don’t you think life is like a dream in which you close your eyes when you are a child and then when you open them you are a teenager? I do. I entered this school in third grade primary and these eight years remind me of laughter, happiness and good memories… I know they have rolled by very fast and I also know that effort and hard work every day have been essential in my life. But I could not have got where I am without mum and dad. They played a lot with me when I was a little girl and now we still have fun together like kids. They have helped me no matter how and always supported me as well. thanks very much for everything you have done for me.

I don’t know if it’s just the way I see it but, life is short, isn’t it? When I think about Labor School, loads of teachers come to my mind. Some of them have influenced me a lot, but others…, others, not really. And the thing is that next year they will stay right here, like repeat students, and meanwhile we will be meeting new people and adapting to new teachers. So I promise you, teachers, I will always remember your jokes, anecdotes and, of course, your lessons. Like that teacher who once told me that I was so, so, so stubborn. Among so many teachers, I have to mention one who was my mentor a few years ago. He’s Antonio, a great person and always special for me. On the other hand, there are my classmates. We have shared part of our life, the good things and the bad ones..., but next year our roads will move away. Now I say thanks for your support, your whisperings in class, your help, your sense of humour and, definitively, thanks for being yourselves. You are the best.

In conclusion, life is short, isn’t it? If you ask me what I am going to do in the future, I will say: I don’t know. I will always treasure good teachers, a wonderful family, incredible friends and unforgettable moments, and I’ll live every day like the very last day in my life. I will laugh, love and enjoy it... Because life is too short to be anything but happy. 

Thank you all.


Good morning everyone,

First of all, I´m glad to see you here and we´ll try to make you have a good time with us.

So here we are, our time has finally come. I just can´t believe how fast all these years have flown. Even though it happened a long time ago, it feels like it was yesterday when we saw this school for the first time and we started to know each other. We were nothing but children full of energy, illusion and happiness. It´s impossible to forget all these years; first playing and learning with our playschool teachers, then improving our skills inpr imary, and eventually getting ready for the future in secondary.

Secondary…what a deal. Every English lesson has been a mystery; we´ve Had our heart in our hands because of not knowing whether we would have that fantastic exam of irregular verbs that we all love or not. And what about those PE lessons in which we always got so disappointed because of having to run four laps around the playground? Come on, we´re not ready for running four laps at 9am and feeling just like “The Walking Dead” zombies. 

We have grown up between these walls and we´ve had a wide range of experiences that we´ll never forget. I don´t know why kids don´t like going to school. At school you have to study, that´s for sure, but we´re also taught to make new friends, to know how to manage by ourselves, to cope with all the situations that life makes us go through, to beat our goals, respect, live, laugh and love. Being at school has made us feel a lot of different sensations, such as feeling on top of the world or even being fed up of absolutely everything.

However, the most important thing is that we´ve been able to create very strong friendships, those in which it doesn´t matter what or who arrives in order to harm us, for which we fight without surrendering and those that make us smile even in the most difficult episodes of our busy and stressful teen life.

We´ve spent the first stage of our lives in here, and now it´s time to start the second one. This means new people, new places and new experiences, and above all, being aware of the constant effort we will need to make and the pressure under which we will be put if we want to get everything we want, but if we´re ready to affront this it´s only thanks to the effort and sacrifice that all the people around us have made to make us succeed. Nevertheless, this effort has involved being comprehensive, demanding and, of course, having a lot of patience. It hasn’t been easy to overcome this chapter of our lives, and we all know that it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

That’s why we have to say thank you, thank you so much to all the teachers, parents and friends who have supported us and made us remember that the main aim of going through this experience is to learn to think as adults and carve ourselves a great future, that life is a never ending mountain and that we are the ones who have to reach the top. We´re grateful to have such a good company standing by us, and we will always have all of you at the bottom of our hearts. 

As some people used to say, the best things in life are just about to come. 

Thank you.

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