Thursday, April 7, 2016

Labor Walk of Fame 4.2

Since the second term has come to an end, we want to congratulate those students who did best during these three months. And those are:

ESO 1A: Javier Pintos González (9.29)
ESO 1B: Laura Conde Lema (9.42)
ESO 2A: Sofía Lago Castro (9.13)
ESO 2B: Diego Rodríguez Riobó (7.77)
ESO 3A: Lucía Díaz Cameselle (9.62)
ESO 3B: Raquel Cordeiro Canosa (9.14)
ESO 4A: Álvaro de Prado Saborido (9.14)
ESO 4B: Marta Rivas Ramallo (8.46)

And the best overall ESO student of English in the 2nd Term is Lucía Díaz Cameselle, with an average mark of 9.62. Congratulations!

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