Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Britain: Andy and Lou

Lou and Andy on the athletics track, but... who's the athlete?

"If you have a verruca, and want to share it with others, then why not pop down to the local swimming pool?"
Lou brings his friend Andy to the swimming pool.
— I wanna get in!
— Wait a minute, I'll just go and find the lifeguard, to help you get in... You wait there, OK?
— Wait a minute!
— Excuse me, I want you to give me a hand...
— Did you shower?
— Yeah!

And last, a blind date for poor Andy:
Lou set up a blind date for Andy. The girl's name is Francesca. They meet at the park at 5 sharp.
— Can I have one of them chips?
— No.
— Please!
— No, should have got your own!
— It doesn't matter cause I don't want any chips now anyway.
— Nor do I!
— She's in a wheelchair!
— I know she's in a wheelchair.
— I don't like her!

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