Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tiger: Did you learn anything? + Newsy: Nike Releases New Tiger Ad

Here's the latest Nike ad for TV featuring Tiger Woods and a voice-over by his late father, Earl Woods:

Did you learn anything?
And now a parody using The Lion King's soundtrack. Mufasa and Tiger:

Newsy: Nike Releases New Tiger Ad

The latest Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods has critics crying foul. They say Woods and Nike are playing the "daddy death card."
FOX News calls it "creepy." CBS News says it plays the "daddy death card." The latest Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods is out. In it -- Tiger says nothing -- he just listens to the voice of his now deceased father. And the ad -- is almost universally being panned.
Here's a clip: "I wanna find out what your thinking was. I wanna find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything." (Sky News)
While criticism has come from near and far. Donny Deutsch told the Today Show's Meredith Viera -- he LOVES this ad: "Brilliant. I'm not prone to hyperbole. One of the marking strokes of genius of the last 10 years. (What was so good about it?) My mouth dropped. It would have been so easy for Nike kind of just not to advertise for no, and then six months from now -- show him playing golf. It walks right into it -- and it takes his father -- who is the conscience, who's the voice of God. And it just kinda walks right in and says, this guy Tiger, he is transforming himself, reflective, obviously what he did was very wrong. But to have his father's voice as the conscience, is, I just think it's brilliant."
NBC Chicago says. It's brilliant alright. Brilliantly despicable: "Here's how the ad unfolds: Curtain up, Tiger's face in black and white. He looks...tired? With a near-wetness in his eyes. Not crying, maybe about to cry? Not contrite. Maybe confused? Embattled? This is the point: you're not supposed to know what emotions he's feeling. Nobody knows. That's why we're going to watch the Masters, right?"
The ad has resonated all the way Down Under where the Aussie paper The Age says it HAD been prepared to say Tiger's PR debt had been paid until this: "Mostly it is the sheer opportunism that astonishes. The commercial carries the insinuation Woods believes he can elicit sympathy and perhaps even redemption by fronting a camera lens supplied by a sponsor."
On CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, Lisa Bloom says the ad has a short shelf life -- on purpose: "And the questions that his father is asking him -- what were you thinking? -- what have you learned. He really hasn't answered those questions. So is that going to be the next set of Nike ads? Or are they just gonna move on. And by the way, these ads are only running for a day and a half on a couple of sports channels, ESPN and The Golf Channel. It's gotta be one of the shortest ad campaigns in history."
So what do you think? I Nike's ad brilliant? Or a bogey?

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