Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Newsy: China Hit With 7.1 Magnitude Quake

Four hundred are dead and thousands injured in the Yushu prefecture of Qinghai province.
Another earthquake has rocked China, this time in the northwestern province of Qinghai. Hundreds are dead, thousands injured and many people feared buried under rubble. Relief efforts are on the way, but the danger might not be over yet. 
We have perspectives from the BBC, Xinhua, CNN and CCTV.
The BBC says aid workers might have a hard time reaching the cold and isolated town that bore the brunt of the quake. 
Anchor: "The problem is going to be getting in there, because, the roads, it's very, very far from the capital of Qinghai. Local reports say the road to the airport is damaged and it's very high altitude, so very remote and very difficult to reach."
Chinese news agency Xinhua reports survivors are now missing both homes and family members: "Another resident ... and five members of her family were buried under the rubble of her home....She and four family members were dug out by her neighbors, [she] said, 'but my mother died.'"
Other residents told CNN they were afraid of more damage because the town's water reservoir had become cracked in the quake: "People were living in fear...and some were headed up into the mountains to escape the threat of flooding, should the reservoir break."
On CCTV, Chinese earthquake experts are predicting dangerous aftershocks after seeing similarities between this quake and one that hit in 2008.
Expert: "We think more aftershocks will happen. As we know, in 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake was followed by several strong aftershocks. This time, the biggest aftershock reached 6.3 in magnitude. So we think the intensity of aftershocks will be stronger than the Wenchuan quake."
But more help for the people of Qinghai is coming. The Chinese government pledged 29.3 million dollars to the area and the Chinese Red Cross is bringing shelters, blankets and clothes.
Writer: Elizabeth Eberlin and Derrick Ho

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