Thursday, April 29, 2010

Newsy: Study Links Chocolate and Depression

A new study says chocolate consumption and depression are linked, though it's unclear how.
Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is good for your health, or so we think. A new study is claiming there's a link between chocolate — and depression.
A report on Connecticut's ABC affiliate WTNH points out it's still unclear which came first — the chocolate or the depression: "Researchers are not sure if depression stimulates the craving for chocolate, or if depressed people eat chocolate trying to improve their moods."
The researchers say more research is needed. A Washington Post blogger is surprised this isn't clear yet: "It seems obvious to me that we reach for the bag of Hershey's kisses when we feel blue, but apparently that's not been established after all."
A medical correspondent on Fox News says this study doesn't really prove anything: "Chocolate itself, it's not a reason to say, you know it could lead to depression. It is a comfort food, but you know what, at the end of the day chocolate is very good for your health in moderation."
A Cornell University based research blog, Evidence Based Living, says the media took the study out of context: "It’s clearly written, sound research. And it absolutely does not say that chocolate leads to depression... But because some media sources jump to the most 'newsworthy' (some might say sensationalist) presentation, there’s no substitute for going back to the actual source."
But a medical expert on Canada's CTV says the study does raise new questions: "But you know, you have ask yourself, does depression cause chocolate cravings because it maybe has a treatment benefit but there really is no treatment benefit? Or does chocolate cause cravings that have nothing to do with depression whatsoever and this is just fortuitous or is it possible that chocolate really does cause depression and the more you have, the worse it is?"
What do you reach for when your feeling down? Does chocolate make you feel better or worse?

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