Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 3 - Trekking on Covadonga


Although the trekking was scheduled for next Thursday, our mountain guides have decided we'd rather try it today as the weather forecast was just fine.

Right now the campsite lies beneath the morning mists (actually, there's a very soft drizzle moistening everything), but sunshine and warmer temperatures are expected for later on.

The coach is to take us to Enol and Ercina lakes, where we are going to trek for about 4 hours. We are taking a packed lunch to enjoy up there, among the awesome peaks of Picos de Europa.

Then we are going to drive down to Cangas de Onís for some sightseeing and maybe a little bit of souvenir shopping.

As usual, stay tuned on Labor English Zone. We'll try to update our news as it happens, but today we cannot guarantee it due to poor 3g coverage on the mountains.

Nacho, our guide from Nakel Sport, had our coach stop halfway up the 11 km road linking Covadonga and the Enol & Ercina lakes, right after the world-famous cycling challenge known as "La Huesera". We then had to cover the second half of the mountain: a tough, steep trek under extremely hot conditions, only occassionaly relieved by very gentle gusts of breeze. Our lads behaved bravely to overcome this difficult challenge. As Antía Suárez remarked in her graduation speech, fellowship and friendship were present all day long as everbody supported and helped everybody else, voluntereed to carry bachpacks and rucksacks when a friend seemed to be going thtough a difficult time, shared their water and lunch... Not only these ESO 4 kids are remarkable students, but at Labor we are proud to boast they are truly kindhearted, positive and supportive... There is another secondary school staying right now at this campsite and their teachers simply can't believe our students' good manners and gentle, excellent behaviour.

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