Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 5 - Canoeing + Tito Bustillo Cave + Speleology


It's raining again, but what might at first sound like bad news it's not that bad after all. Actually, it's not rain, but this heavy, thick mist that looks like drizzle.

Anyway, this weather could be our greatest ally today, as we expect to spend 3 or 4 hours rowing down the Sella river. We've been told that down, deep in the valley sunny, hot conditions are more a problem than an advantage.

Breakfast is scheduled for 09.00, as usual. At 11.00 our coach is to drive us to Arriondas, about 30 mins from Palacio de Garaña campsite, where we are going to start paddling down the river for a stretch of some 5 miles on 2-seater canoes. We will take a packed lunch to enjoy on the river banks approximately halfway down the river.
In the afternoon we're going to vusit the impressive Tito Bustillo cave, Ribadesella.
At this time we're afraid we cannot guarantee any photographs due to the nature of the activities of the day. Late in the evening we'll try to supply you with the news of this 5th day of our trip.
All the best!

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