Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 4 - Multiadventure + Pría Blowholes


After yesterday's terrific trek today we deserve some rest... Or not so!

We are to stay put at our campsite all day: in the morning we are going to enjoy a multiadventure park and try segways and balanzbikes, among many other sport and adventure activities.

After lunch, some rest lazying by the pool and in the early evening we are going to see (and hopefully hear) the blowholes known as "Bufones de Pría" at the nearby cliffs (just 1 km from our campsite, so no need to use our coach today).

The weather at Palacio de Garaña seems to be better today than yesterday -- mists and fogs blotted the sun out all day long on the coast, pushed inland by the sea winds but blocked by the first steep barriers of the Picos de Europa. Hopefully we will be able to sunbathe and swim later on.

We'll be posting pics + news as it happens. Have a nice day!

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