Thursday, October 25, 2012

ESO 1 PBL- Fantastic Animals

ESO 1 students, this is your PBL assignment for this first term:

You will be divided in groups of  4-5 people each. All groups will receive a copy of the following book: “Animalario Universal del Profesor Revillod”.

This book contains several photographs of different animals existing all around the world. Each animal, however, is cut into three different pieces: the front, the middle and the end. You can combine the three different pieces of the various animals in order to create a new fantastic one:

(E.g. “Corfangre”)

  (E.g. “Elenedillo”)

Your task is to make up at least two new animals and describe them.

This is your schedule:
1. On Wednesday 31st October, you must bring to class your student’s book, those photocopies about animal parts we’ve been working with this week and any dictionaries or additional material you consider useful.
You will be given the animal books and you must work for the whole 50 minutes in order for you to make up the animals and write the descriptions. At the end of the lesson, you will keep the animal books with you as well as your handwritten descriptions.

2. At home, one member of each team must make a photocopy of the picture of each of the two animals chosen. He/she must also type the descriptions with his/her computer. The final result must include the following:
1. The name of the animal on the top of the page.
2. The photograph of the animal below the name.
3. The description of the animal below the photograph.
4. The number of the group and the names of the group members at the bottom of the page.

3. You can hand in your work in either of the following ways:
a) You can print it and bring it to class. The deadline is Wednesday 7th November.
b) You can send it to our mail. The deadline is, again, Wednesday 7th November at 23.59.59. (The format can be .DOC .DOCX or .PDF).
-Your file identification must be as follows: GROUP_NUMBER_CLASS.DOC. Example: GROUP_1_1B.DOC.
-You must fill in the “subject” section of your mail messages with your group identification and the word “PBL”.

The groups will be as follows:

Group_1_1A: Melanie, Antonio, Bruno, Ismael.
Group_2_1A: Lara, Alberto, Avelino, Ariana, Adrián.
Group­_3_1A: María, Andrea, Álvaro, Uxía.
Group_4_1A: Alejandro, Diana, Cristina Álvarez, Lelise.
Group­_5_1A: Mariña, Paula, César, Aroa.
Group_6_1A: Sandra, Óscar, Vicente, Valentina.
Group_7_1A: Brian, Cristina Alonso, Sara, Naufal.

Group_1_1B: Andrea, Geraldine, Adrián Roo, Guillermo Figueroa.
Group_2_1B: Adrián Alonso, Sasha, Pablo, Marta.
Group_3_1B: Iñaki, Marina, Felipe, Caroline, Gabriela.
Group_4_1B: Cándida, Isaac, Rodrigo, Yago.
Group_5_1B: Ángela, Guillermo Val, Breixo, Jacobo.
Group_6_1B: Javier, Diego, Ángel, Kevin.
Group_7_1B: Elena, Lucas, Juan, Yoel, Rubén.

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