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ESO 3 & ESO 4 1st Term PBL - Crime Report for a Newspaper


ESO 3 & ESO 4 Students,

This is your 2012-13 1st Term PBL assignment. It is a group project. Your task is to 


Listen to Sting's song I Hung my Head. Find the song lyrics on the internet, and think carefully about it...I hung my Head

(Song starts on 1:23)


  • You must include a headline. 
  • Secondly, you must include a byline (the name of the author; in this case, your group identification). 
  • Then, the first line, or lead, must communicate the essence of the piece of news. One should be able to read the first paragraph of this sort of news article and know immediately what it is about. Paragraph 1: Lead The most pertinent information, who, what, where, when, how and why.
  • Paragraphs 2, 3, 4, etc: More information in order of decreasing importance.
  • The last line or paragraph is the least important. 
  • Include at least one photograph, drawing or graphic.
  • Keep sentences short and to the point.
  • Do not include opinions, it is unprofessional in news-writing.
  • Avoid making conclusions. Journalists present the facts and leave their readers to draw their own conclusions.
Click here to see a real piece of news from an online British newspaper.

This is your schedule:
  • You must print this post and the song lyrics and bring them to class from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th and Monday 22nd October. You will have three sessions to work with your group partners and write your report (ESO 3 on Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Monday 22nd; ESO 4 on Tuesday 16th, Friday 19th and Monday 22nd).
  • At home one member of every group has to type the news article and send it to our mail. The deadline is Friday 26th October at precisely 23.59.59.
  • Your files must be in the .DOC or .PDF formats (.DOCX format IS NOT VALID). Follow the same formatting rules (font, font size, spacing) as for the rest of your school projects.
  • Your file identification must be as follows: GROUP_NUMBER_CLASS.DOC. Example: GROUP_1_3A.DOC.
  • You must fill in the "subject" section of your mail messages with your group identification and the word "PBL".

Students will be distributed randomly in groups during the lessons on Tuesday 16th:

GROUP_1A_3A - Antía Junqueira, Iria Domínguez, Rosmery Camacho.

GROUP_1B_3A - Lara Collazo, Christian Martínez, Fabio Moura.

GROUP_2_3A - Alexis Antón, Adrián García, Paula Suárez, Adrián López, Jennifer Alonso, Zaida Domínguez. 
GROUP_3_3A - Lara Álvarez, Meres Gómez, Génesis Espinal, Víctor Pérez, Diego Anido.

GROUP_4_3B - Noelia Soto, Mireia Martín, Adrián Sánchez, Samuel Torres, Magnolia Córdova, Brayan Mesa.
GROUP_5_3B - Mario Quinteiro, Pedro Palmás, Ainhoa Albolea, Pablo Cámara, Santiago Pascual, Jessica Vilaboa. 
GROUP_6_3B - Diego Pérez, Alicia Val, Rubén Roo, Anabel Pagán, Iago Pernas.

GROUP_7_4A - Jorge Amoedo, Sergio Martín, Gabriel Martínez, Adrián Castro, Laura Fernández.
GROUP_8_4A - Ana Fernández, Serafín Davila, Candela Rodríguez, Isaac de Becerra, Adrián Alonso
GROUP_9_4A - Rodrigo Rodríguez, David Maceiras, Alejandro Penín, Juan Domínguez-Viguera.

GROUP_10_4B - Zulema B. Rodríguez, Omar Rouhou, Carlota Fuentes, Adrián Blanco, Irene Garrido, Alejandro Amoedo.
GROUP_11_4B - Carlos Montaño, Abel Grande, Jesús Vieira, Samuel Fernández, Nerea de Jesús, Iria Rioboo.
GROUP_12_4B - Sarah García, Pablo Martínez, Juan M. Vieira, Guillermo García, Javier López, Lara Paz.

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