Monday, October 8, 2012

Lost in Translation


Unfortunately, many people still think that a translator’s job is only a matter of having a dictionary and some resources such as the internet or translation manuals. Translation involves much more than linguistic knowledge: it also involves  cultural knowledge. Moreover, as translation is a process of creation, it involves creativity...

Do you think you would be able to translate the following images with only a dictionary?  The image is vital, as the translated text should fit in the same place of the image as the original one does...

In this image we have a bear. The word “bearly” does not exist but it was made up as a derivation from the word “bear”. “Bearly” would sound exactly the same as “barely”, which does exist and means “apenas / más o menos”.

  “A nice” is pronounced the same way as “an ice”

Piercing=a piece of jewellery attached to pierced flesh
To be pierced= to have a piercing done
To be screwed= estar “atornillado” / ser estafado

To keep someone in stitches=To make someone laugh a lot
Stitch=puntada, punto.

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1 comment:

  1. English phonetic allows all that but I am reluctant to use it in daily live because
    that´s killing the language

    Something alike to when you listen to Feijoo speaking galician or when youths write in spanish castillian as if they were typing texts.


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