Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010-2011 Schoolyear Opening


The schedule for the 2010-11 schoolyear opening for ESO students at Labor School next Friday 17th is:

09.30 - New Students (Headmaster's Office: Head of Studies) 
10.00 - ESO 1 (Assembly Hall: Leo Areal and Antonio Otero)
10.45 - ESO 2 (Playground: Mercedes Aspilche and Mª.J. Barbosa)
11.30 - ESO 3 (Playground: Pablo Castelo and Juan M. Rguez)
12.15 - ESO 4 (Playground: Manuel Rguez. and Olga Castro)

Students will be met by their tutors and will proceed to their classrooms where they will be given their textbooks, general information on the beginning of the schoolyear, timetables and schedules, etc. for about 1-2 hours (ESO 1 session might be longer than the other grades' sessions).

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