Thursday, September 23, 2010

ESO Classroom Rules


You must bring your Textbook, Grammar Reference, Workbook, an A-4 sized notebook, a blue ball-pen, a pencil, a rubber, and a classroom diary everyday.
You cannot use books from older students. Students taking a grade for the second time must have a new Workbook or photocopies. You cannot write on your textbooks. You must only use a pencil to write in your workbooks.

2. Teaching method
In the classroom you will use your textbooks. At home, students should use their workbooks to revise and practise what they have been taught at school. However, you must bring your workbooks to school on English lessons days in case there are any doubts or questions.

3. Assessment
Assessment will be continuous throughout the three terms. There will be no resit tests: if students fail a term they will have to pass the next term in order to pass the term they have failed.
·        Every term you will take at least an irregular verbs test (5 minutes against the clock), always without previous notice, so that you study verbs on a daily, regular basis (1st ESO: only in the last term).
·        You will have to read a short story and take a test on it in the first and second terms.
·        Every term you will have to solve at least one PBL (Problem Based Learning) either individually or in groups.

After finishing every unit you will have a free lesson to correct your workbooks and solve doubts before the test for that unit. You must complete every unit in your workbook before taking its test. You will also take as many tests as necessary for a better progress. 
Your marks will be the average of all tests you take during a term.

4. Behaviour
You must not talk or make any comment without permission. If someone wishes to say something they must raise their hand and wait for their turn.
You cannot pack your books until the teacher tells you to, even though the bell has already rung.
You cannot bring mobile phones, mp3’s, walkmans, etc. to English class.
In class you must never chew gum.

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