Thursday, September 16, 2010

Juvenes Translatores 2010

Stretching your brain - the challenge of translation

Translation is the language of Europe
Umberto Eco

Although unfortunately students at Labor are not old enough to enter thise competition, we thought it is such an interesting piece of news that it is worth posting it on our blog. Spread the word about this contest, some friend might be interested!

We are delighted to announce that your school can now register for Juvenes Translatores.

On 23rd November 2010, pupils born in 1993 from schools across the EU will try their hand at translation in a contest organised by the European Commission's translation department.

The contest is being organised to promote foreign language usage in Europe, as well as the particular art of translation.

Who can enter?

Any secondary school in Europe. To do so, you must register by 20 October at the latest.

Shortly afterwards, the Commission will use a random selection method to determine which of the registered schools will participate (due to resource constraints, we have to limit entrants).

By 15 November, the selected schools must submit the names of up to 5 pupils (+ 1 back-up pupil), together with the language pairs they have chosen for the contest.

The pupils are free to choose any pair from among the EU's 23 official languages. For best results, however, professional translators normally translate into their mother tongue or strongest language (the one they feel most comfortable in). See How to prepare.

The contributions will be evaluated by professional translators at the European Commission and the winners invited to Brussels in 2011 for an award ceremony hosted by the European Commissioner for multilingualism. During the trip the winners will also have time to get to know each other and meet some EU translators.

Good luck!

An inspiring story

In the '70s, at the age of seventeen, the same age as most of the participants in our translation contest, the Romanian student Corneliu M. Popescu (born in 1958) set out to translate the Romanian national poet Mihai Eminescu into English. His knowledge of English was outstanding and his understanding of the Romanian culture and soul exquisite. His work is still considered to be the best interpretation of Eminescu. This feat was even more impressive as Popescu translated into a foreign language, which is rather unusual for translation.

A promising career as a literary translator was brutally interrupted on 4 March 1977. At the age of 19, the young translator was one of the many victims of the big earthquake in Romania. His legacy was to live on though in the poetry translation prize established in his name in London several years later.

News on the contest as well as pictures and information from previous rounds are available on Facebook, and you can also follow Juvenes Translatores on Twitter.

Rules (Download Rules pdf - 44 KB [44 KB])
Archive (old texts for translation)

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