Saturday, September 11, 2010

Newsy: New Study Reveals Which Dance Moves Attract Women

A new study from the England's Northumbria University breaks down the science of sexy dancing.

Think you’re a sexy dancer? A new study out of Northumbria University in the U.K. breaks down which dance moves really attract women to men.

ANCHOR: “This is apparently the bad dancer, and this is apparently the moves that don’t turn women on. They follow these guys, they didn’t want the women to know what they look like. They just want to study the moves. The 35 women they studied said this is not hot. Now skip to the next guy who is apparently the good dancer, the hot dancer. And these apparently are the moves that get the ladies excited.”

WOMAN ANCHOR: “Oh nooo.” (CNN)

The animated dancing figures were actually created from real men dancing in a lab. They were recorded by 12 cameras with sensors and then made into the digital figures the women saw. The BBC reports the whole study was actually inspired by observations in nature: “The experiment was inspired by watching birds, like many animals they use movement as part of a courtship ritual to show they have good genetics. Scientists say the same may well be true of people. They found form blood tests that those who dance well are healthier.”

Sky News from the UK breaks down the study with professional dancer “Supple”, who wasn’t too surprised that the bigger and more varied dance moves were seen as more attractive: “To me this is an obvious fact, because dancing is a form of expression. People in general are attracted to people who can express themselves really well. So anything that kind of springs up and gets people’s attention is something that would be naturally attractive whether to male or female.”

Finally, the Fox and Friends crew show off some dance moves, but it doesn’t look like one crew member was paying quite enough attention to the computer-animated dancers in the study.

DOOCY: “When you do the little thing when you just barely move your feet or just the little shimmy, they don’t like it. Now women love that... now get the breathalyzer.”

Now that you know the science -- are you gonna change how you get your groove on?

Writer: Paul Rolfe

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