Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comenius Project 2013

Last week (Sat  6th - Sat 13th), we had the pleasure of welcoming foreign European students and teachers under the Comenius program the school has been running for several years now. In this 2011-2013 triennium, Polish, Estonian, German and Spanish students have visited each other’s countries while learning about different cultures and putting their English into practice.

This time, Labor school was the host of the Polish delegation (led by teachers Dorota and Barbara), the Estonian delegation (led by Kadi and Tairi) and the German delegation (with teachers Rita and Anne). Spanish teachers Manuel, Rodrigo, Juan and Raquel also joined some of the various activities foreign students (aged 14-18) and Spanish ones (from ESO3 and ESO4) were involved in.

If you want to check what students and teachers were up to, you cannot miss the pictures and captions below:

 German students talking about their school and country through a Power Point Presentation.
 The German delegation involving other students in a game after their presentation.

 Estonian students talking about Estonia and their school.

 Spanish Students talking about Estonia, Poland, Germany and Spain.

 Boxes ready for the "cubes game" to start.
 A Polish student using the box lid as a smart hat ;)

Developement of the "cubes game": Students had to create as many 3D cubes as possible using only the materials provided by the box given to them in advance. Boxes were filled with scissors, sheets of paper, pencils, glue and rulers, however, not all of them contained the same materials: some had plenty of the above while others barely have two sheets of paper… time to negotiate and trade!

 Twenty-question quiz about Europe and the EU.
Pre-school students perform the Comenius song in sign language while ESO 2 and 3 students sing and Adrián, from ESO 4, plays the guitar.

 Our little ones holding the Comenius letters.

Development of the fish project: after a “fish bingo”, where students learned the names of different fish in English, Spanish, Estonian, Polish and German, it was time to fill in an album by cutting and pasting different pictures and writing the names in the spaces provided.

The lovely sign language interpreter on the right came to teach us some signs and talk about deaf people and how they communicate in general.  In the picture, Irene and Jennifer signing.

Mussels are yummy!, or so teachers and students think after tasting this delicious seafood on board a ship along the Ría de Arousa.

In spite of the heavy wind and rain, brave foreign students visiting the roof of Santiago de Compostela cathedral. 

Again, at some point on the roof.

 Visiting the fishmarket: amazing swordfish of almost 300kg.

Paula alucinada co peixe... ¡quen diría que é de Vigo! :D

 Isaac holding a hawk at the fishmarket. These birds are used to scare the seagulls off so fish are not ruined.

Weather was not bad and canoeing was possible in the end 

Doesn't it look like a DVD or CD case photo? Starring Jennifer Alonso ;)

Spanish students had written some dialogues in Spanish and English beforehand. They performed them with the help of the foreigners, who managed to say some lines in Spanish as well.

And that’s all folks: group photo at the airport saying goodbye to our guests. Hope to see you all really soon! 

Bob Marley said: “no woman, no cry” and Fergie (The Black Eyed Peas) concurred: “big girls don’t cry”... Sorry to disappoint you lads! ;)

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