Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newsy: Did 'Lost' Leave its Viewers Lost?

Many viewers were unpleasantly surprised at the series finale of 'Lost,' saying the episode left too many questions unanswered.

KATE: ”This place…what is it?”
JACK: ”Called it the ‘Heart of the Island.’ All he said was that it’s…it’s a lake.”
HURLEY: ”And that locked-smoke thing, wants him to put it out?”
JACK: ”Something like that, yeah.”
HURLEY: ”So what if he doesn’t?”
JACK: ”Then that’s it for all of us.”

"Lost" fans, including the anchors of KTVX’s Good Morning Utah and Sports Center, shed tears as they watched the series come to an end after six seasons. 
ANGIE LARSEN: “I loved the entire show!” “It was beautiful.” “I cried! I’m not kidding! Get the tissues out!”
JOSH ELLIOTT:…“but when and if you ever watch the Lost finale, you’ll never be disappointed.”
CBS and BBC captured the satisfied feelings that came with the finale: “When the show concluded, I was sad it was over but was ultimately incredibly satisfied. ... And not that it’s over, I’m just happy that I was along for the ride.”
“All in all, the show was wrapped up rather nicely with a positive affirming kind of message.”
But many don’t appreciate the show ending with many questions unanswered. WMAQ-TV's The N Files scrutinizes the decision to leave fans confused: “Welcome back to The N Files, stories that raise questions and give no answers…sort of like that Lost finale.”
People Magazine says the show is still fresh in viewers’ minds even though the show is over: “Are there still burning questions? Of course.” “The show may be over but a new round of discussions—and debates—is just beginning.”
The season finale of Lost generated ratings of about 13.5 million viewers.
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WRITER: Jessica Duong

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