Saturday, May 15, 2010

Newsy: Robin Hood Gets Mixed Reviews

The reviews are in, and they aren't good for Russell Crowe and the new movie 'Robin Hood'. The movie opened in front of a glamourous audience in France on Wednesday. Now critics are debating the significance of the Cannes Festival to a film's success - and whether Ridley Scott's new spin on Robin Hood was a good one.
On CNN reporter Neil Curry describes the importance of the festival to the film industry: "In recent weeks cannes has been hit by freak storms, a volcanic ash cloud, and even worse fears over a lack of star power. Yet Like Robin Hood's bow Cannes remains bent but unbroken as it continues to be the key event in the worlds film festival calendar."
And the Miami Herald calls the festival the make or break festival for big budget movies: "It's Hollywood's version of a home-run swing: a pricey premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, which can yield a bases-clearing blast - at the risk of a rally-killing strikeout."
On Telegraph TV, Russel Crowe talks about the new spin the movie puts on the story of Robin Hood: "He says they took a unique view on the story, and wanted to re-write it in their own way."
Crowe: "We took a very arrogant perspective on this, which I believe you have to if you are going to retell a story thats been told for a thousand years. We took the persepctive that whatever you think you know about Robin Hood is a previously understandable mistake."
Critics have been quick to rip the movie for taking that angle. Paul Gallagher with Future Movies UK gives his review on Rotten Tomatoes: "In their efforts to do something new and different with the Robin Hood character, Scott and his merry band of filmmakers have robbed him of everything that made him great."
But Vanity Fair Magazine says the movie isn't all bad and the criticism comes from a stiff audience -- particularly the French: "Premiering Ridley Scott's Robin Hood at the Cannes Film Festival is a bit like premiering Saving Private Ryan at the Berlin Festival, or Cocoon on movie night at a nursing home—a tough crowd."
The movie debuts in the U.S. on Friday. So what do you think? Are you planning to see Robin Hood? Or will you stay away from Sherwood Forest?

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