Saturday, May 29, 2010

Newsy: Greece Frog Swarm Compared to Biblical Plague


As if the current financial crisis weren't enought to worry about, now Greece is facing another crisis -- of the slippery kind.
After a horde of frogs in northern Greece forced the closure of a major highway, some are wondering whether this is a parallel to the Biblical plague of frogs.
MSNBC's Keith Olbermann finds the humor in the situation and is quick to point out the frogs are not a sign of impending doom: "No it's not a plague, no, the Greek government doesn't owe money to the nation of -- nevermind. Reminds me of the popular 1980's video arcade game 'Burgertime'. Officials say the amphibians left an area lake in search of food. ... For all you dreamers out there: all the frogs were able to dodge the cars, leap onto logs, then a turtle's back, then eat a fly after making it safely across the road."
Still, the Church of God News says the frog horde is eerily reminiscent of the Biblical plague of frogs that signaled far worse things to come: "... the 10 plagues most certainly caused a financial meltdown in Egypt ... [There] the plagues led to real food shortages as well as the death of the firstborn."
In this clip from Telegraph, a reporter calmly observes the chaos: "We've had skies closed due to volcanic ash, and now more travel cares due to an act of God. This time, roads closed by a biblical plague. ... Still, as Biblical plagues go, it could have been much worse. Three cars skidding as they tried to avoid the frogs. No injuries. Not to humans, anyway."
But a writer for the Epoch Times suggests there may be another explanation for the frog migration: "Some researchers have found that the ... mass movement of frogs and toads is a possible sign of an upcoming earthquake. A report ... found that common toads had a dramatic change in behavior five days before an earthquake in ... April 2009."
So what do you think? Is the frog swarm coincidence? Or a sign of catastrophe? 
Writer: Krysta Brown

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