Thursday, May 6, 2010

UNICEF USA "Child Survival" PSA

New U.S. Fund for UNICEF public service announcement, featuring UNICEF Ambassadors Danny Glover, Ralph Fiennes, Lucy Liu, Sarah Jessica Parker, Laurence Fishburne, Whoopi Goldberg, Tea Leoni, Susan Sarandon, Alyssa Milano, Clay Aiken, etc.

Every child, every child, every child, every child need help
Every child needs protection
Every child needs to live
Every child needs, every child needs,
Every child needs to grow
They need to survive
They need a childhood
They need medicine
They need food
They need water
They need immunizations
They need bed nets to protect them from malaria
They need tents and blankets in emergencies
Unicef works in over 150 countries
To give children what they need to survive
There is no greater mission than helping children survive
And there’s no organization better able to do something about it than Unicef
Since World War Two, Unicef’s ongoing programme has been about one basic thing,
saving kids’ lives
100 million children have been immunized against disease
1.2 billion people now have access to clean drinking water
Small pox has been erradicated
Polio is close to being wiped out
Unicef has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organisation
As members of the Unicef family we celebrate these accomplishments
But so much remains to be done
Did you know that in our world 29,000 kids die each day
from preventable causes like measles and malaria?
That's as if every single child under five in the United States died over the next two years
Did you know that millions of children are caught in wars and natural disasters ?
Did you know that millions of children are missing a future?
Did you know a child is orphaned by AIDS every fifteen seconds?
What if we decided not to accept this anymore?
What if we gave children what they need to survive?
One dollar saves one child's life from measles
Only fifteen dollars provide blankets to keep five children warm
Seventeen dollars immunize a child for life against sixteen diseases
150 dollars provides nutrition for a year to a child orphaned by AIDS
600 dollars provides an emergency supply of life saving clean water for 1200 people a day
Children need water, children need medicine, children need food, children need protection
Children need our support
We can make a difference, it's possible, we can do it
We can create a better future
It can be done, 'cause...
Every child deserves a childhood

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