Sunday, May 2, 2010

Newsy: Noah's Ark Found?

A Chinese-Turkish team of Christians claim to have discovered the remains of the biblical Noah's ark on top of Mount Ararat in Turkey.
A Chinese-Turkish team from Noah's Ark Ministries International recently announced it was 99.9 percent sure they had discovered the remains of the biblical Noah's ark atop Turkey's Mt. Ararat. The team claims the wood they found has been carbon-dated at 4,800 years old. 
We're taking a look at perspectives from ITN, CTV, Fox News, the Christian Science Monitor and Voice of Russia.
ITN reports Turkish geologists are fairly certain the ark has been discovered: "We're sure that these wooden parts belong to the ship of the prophet Noah. We've sent the samples to a laboratory. There's no doubt the results show these wooden parts and stones belong to the ship."
In the past, supposed discoveries of Noah's Ark have all come to nothing. But CTV reports this claim could be more serious. Archaeology Professor at the University of Toronto, Timothy Harrison explains what the explorers did right: "They have worked with Turkish authorities as far as we can tell. They claim to have got things like radio carbon dates that do give some dating evidence for the wood that they've reported to have found so it does seem to be a more serious claim than perhaps some of the previous expeditions that have been conducted in that area." 
Despite these reports, many remain skeptical. Fox News interviewed a biblical archaeologist who said the manner in which the discovery was announced casts doubts on its validity.
ERIC CLINE: "I'm getting more skeptical by the hour this is this is the type of documentation where they've done what we call publish by press conference it should have come out in a scientific journal it should have been avetted by independent scholars."
The Christian Science Monitor interviewed Dr. Randall Price, an evangelical Christian and former member of the team that announced the finding. He fears the discovery may reflect negatively on Christians: "If the world wants to think this is a wonderful discovery, that’s fine. My problem is that, in the end, proper analysis may show this to be a hoax and negatively reflect how gullible Christians can be."
According to a priest in Russia, Christians should be excited about the claim. The Voice of Russia quotes Moscow Patriarchate priest Georgy Zavershinsky saying research should continue on Mt. Ararat.
ZAVERSHINSKY: “Faith and science are working hand in hand. If the current version is scientifically proven, the church will be only too glad to acquire a new shrine."
So what do you think? Is it possible the real Noah's ark has been discovered?
Writers: Derrick Ho/Hannah Myrick

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